Public Sector Procurement

The public sector has a responsibility to be as cost-effective and efficient as possible. Due to the way in which the public sector is funded, any spending can be subject to scrutiny, and wasting funds is not advisable.

The Myth

Using a print management company sounds, on paper, like a great idea. In short, you tell them what you want printing, they manage the whole process, and the final product lands on your doorstep a short time later.

The Power of Insourcing

You may have heard the phrase “power is nothing without control”, and you’ll know that it is true.

When it comes to insourcing print, however, you might believe the statement to be contradictory – but nothing could be further from the truth.

Lean Six Sigma

Wouldn’t be great to be as efficient as possible? You’d save time and money, and potentially reduce the frustration you feel when things don’t quite go to plan. Our philosophy is based on Lean Six Sigma in print, which gives us (as a procurement consultancy) complete procurement process efficiency.

Print Procurement Consultancy

So you work in a Marketing Team with a budget of £10m, and you need to ensure you’re getting not only the very best quality on the market, but also the very best service and cost.

Unfortunately, there are a large number of obstacles in your path that can make this an extremely difficult task – what you need is assistance from a consulting services.