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As we’ve said before, we’re a really flexible and nimble team – we are all about reducing waiting time and waste, so rest assured we’ll be in reception the very day and time you want us there.

There’s no hard and fast rules here, it could be 30 mins, or it could be a few hours – it all depends on how deep the conversation goes (and how good your coffee is!). We’ll never rush you, or check our watches – our time is yours, and you need to ensure you feel comfortable that you’ve gathered everything you need from us to make an informed decision on your next step.

Nope. Well, maybe a couple of biscuits?

We won’t be sending a salesperson. The person we send will be the same person who will be working with you going forward – should to decide to progress. We genuinely believe that for the right circumstances our solution can have a massively positive impact on your business. We don’t need to sell it. We just need to share with you our tried and tested methods, along with the types of benefits you can expect – specific to your business, and the way you work.

If that’s the case, then we’ll swap the sugar for salt in your canteen! 

No, seriously.

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