Insourcing Print


Insourcing print procurement might seem like a difficult thing to do, but with our assistance you’ll find it easier than you expect.


Plus, it provides many advantages – here are just 10 of them.


1.    Complete Control over the Process

With a print management company, you get very little input into what actually happens. You’ll often only get to see the finished product.

When you insource print procurement, you’ll be involved from the very start and be able to direct proceedings as you see fit.

2.    Better relationship with the ‘true’ supplier

When you work with a management company, they are effectively your supplier. By insourcing print procurement, you’ll liaise directly with the printing company, rather than a third party.

3.    Empowerment of staff

Training and developing people within your organisation to manage print will not only make it easier for the company as a whole going forwards, it will also empower staff members to excel in their position.

4.    Control over supplier selection

Allowing another company to choose who prints your items gives them the final say over quality. When you are directly involved in the process, you can choose the quality yourself.

5.    Adding value to the supplier

Many printers have gone out of business because they have not been able to make enough profit to survive – every time you use a print management company, that company takes a margin and the printers get less.

What the customer is willing to pay for an order compared to what the management company would pay can be very different numbers.

6.    Reduced Supply Chain

With one less link in the supply chain, the operation will be leaner. In short, this means a lower overall cost to you.

7.    Reduced Lead Time

Because of the reduced supply chain, printers can complete jobs more quickly. Supply of JIT (Just-In-Time) deliveries can be provided when a management company is out of the equation, giving massive efficiency savings.

8.    Better Cost

By insourcing print procurement, you won’t have to pay the margin a print management company would charge. This can give savings on average of 40%.

9.    Management Information

If you are given reports by a third-party, you have to take it on trust that the figures are true and accurate. By insourcing the process, the reports are delivered through your own software, so you know they can be relied on.

10. Self Sufficient

You have 100% control over procurement function, and you can make any changes you want – you are not limited by another company. You have the power to move, adapt or remove work, try new suppliers, and everything else you want. It’s all managed by your own business internally, and the decisions are entirely your own.

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