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What does a Print Procurement Consultancy do though – and how can one help our business?

So you work in a Marketing Team with a budget of £10m, and you need to ensure you’re getting not only the very best quality on the market, but also the very best service and cost. Unfortunately, there are a large number of obstacles in your path that can make this an extremely difficult task – what you need is assistance from a print consultancy service.

We are print consultants, which means we can give you the best advice on how to go about your printing job. With years of experience in print procurement we can help you streamline the process and avoid those obstacles that will either prevent you from getting the job done or increase the cost and time taken.

But what does a procurement consultancy do? Simply, we help you procure (obtain, purchase, get!) the printing that you need.

This differs significantly from a print management company, even though it might not appear that way at first glance. A print management company will take on your project, make sure all your files are correctly formatted, get the print completed, and make sure you get it. There’s a couple of catches in this process, though.

The time taken is increased by your files being checked over. You know that you’ve done it correctly, you might even have run a Pre-Flight Check through your design software that confirms it is all fine, but the management company will do it again.

And when it comes to the printing, that’s a whole new minefield. Many print management companies have “preferred” suppliers (who may be more expensive than necessary) or even have their own print facilities in-house.

This makes the whole process subject to the pricing and timing whims of the print management company, which doesn’t always work out best for the customer – you.

As a procurement consultancy, we work differently. We put you and your employees in the driving seat, but we make sure your ready to drive first. We’ll go through your entire process, from what you choose to get printed to how and where you order it.

You might deal with a print management company already, but we’ll show you how to take control of everything yourself. If you’re happy with the company that actually does your printing, you don’t have to switch – but you can cut out the middle man, lower your costs, lower your lead times, and finally be in charge of the printing process.

Benefit today from our print consulting services, and make sure you get the best of everything.

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