Public Sector Procurement


With our Public Sector Procurement knowledge – we know how to make your life easier

The public sector has a responsibility to be as cost-effective and efficient as possible. Due to the way in which the public sector is funded, any spending can be subject to scrutiny, and wasting funds is not advisable.

Because of this, printing solutions are often chosen for public sector entities based on their perceived value, rather than their actual cost or suitability. Outsourcing is a fundamental part of public sector strategy as most who work in the sector believe they don’t have the skills or time to manage the printing requirements of their employers.

Realistically, the opposite is true. We offer an insourcing print solution that is superior to the outsourcing options you may be used to in almost every single way.

Print procurement is often taken care of by print management companies (outsourced) who may outsource the printing to yet another company. This takes more time than necessary, adds complications by extending the supply chain, and increases the cost to the purchaser.

If you were to go straight to the printer, everything would happen in a faster and more straightforward manner. The benefit of using streamlined processes like this is clear, but how can it be possible for employees who have no knowledge of the printing industry?

Our insourcing print solution evaluates every step of your process, from design to final print. We can help you optimise each step and reduce costs throughout.

Better yet, we can help you get in touch with suppliers (printers) directly, and you can tell them exactly what it is you need. You’ll be in control of what gets printed and when, in charge of your budget, and not having to rely on a middleman to get anything done.

With these streamlined processes, you will never be accused of wasting funds. There are no print management fees to be paid, and your lead times are as short as they can be.

But don’t confuse this insourcing print solution with being just another name for a print management company. Your employees are directly empowered to work with suppliers, and we have no interest in pushing you towards a particular supplier or method of working. We want to evaluate your business on its own individual merits, and find a solution that works for you, uniquely.

When business in the public sector are truly in control of their print jobs through insourcing, their efficiency increases at the same time as cost savings are made.

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