The Myth


Myth or Fact? You decide

Using a print management company sounds, on paper, like a great idea. In short, you tell them what you want printing, they manage the whole process, and the final product lands on your doorstep a short time later.

Your input is minimal, and the result just happens, you don’t need to worry about it. It’s simple, effective, and appears to save you time and money.

But does it really make it simpler and easier?

Here’s what a print management company actually does: They take the content that you want printing and pass it on to a printer. The printed items are delivered to you. The print management company charges you a fee.

As you can see, you have very little input, the print management company have very little input, and the print management profit margin is through the roof!

However, this is a best-case scenario. Sometimes, print management companies will make decisions that can cause more problems than they solve. They’ll pick printers that are the most economical option, with very little regard for the brand identity impact to your business, or they’ll pick the supplier with the best rebates (that the PM pockets each time).

They’ll pick and poke at your files, identifying problems when there aren’t any – yes, you wanted that font, and yes, there should be a border around that box!

These days, businesses are fighting for every last penny of profit, and producing cost savings by means of supply chain reduction is a fundamental requirement of running your business well. By cutting out the middleman – print management companies – you can reduce the cost and lead times on every print project you have.

You know exactly how your marketing material should look, and you have these discussions with the Print Managers anyway. You have a budget in mind, and you know how many copies or variants you want. Why would you need to pass this information on to someone else…just so they can pass it on again? At best, you’re paying a fee for nothing. At worst, you’re paying for the privilege of playing Chinese Whispers with what could turn out to be a very expensive print job.

If the print management profit margin is included in your costs for printing, you’re likely to be paying far more than you need to. Take control of your printing and make cost savings on a service you don’t need and could easily manage yourself. Supply chain reduction leads to simplicity, and the simpler the process the greater chance of success. Talk to us about our bespoke Print Procurement software, which makes the print buying and managing process a doddle.

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