The Power of Insourcing


“With great power come great responsibility”

You may have heard the phrase “power is nothing without control”, and you’ll know that it is true. When it comes to insourcing print, however, you might believe the statement to be contradictory – but nothing could be further from the truth.

The popular ideal is that outsourcing is the way forward. It reduces the pressure on existing employees and effectively provides an army of workers at the touch of a button. The problem with outsourcing is that none of these workers actually work directly for you – you can tell them what to do, but you have no control over them.

With print procurement, this problem intensifies. Not only do you have no control over these workers (say for example, a print management company), you also have no control over who they choose to print your items, no control over lead times, no control over print quality, and no control over prices.

Sure, you’ve got the power to instruct them to do this, that, and the other – but once they’re off and away, you completely lose control. The power is suddenly in their hands.

By insourcing print, you are completely in control of every aspect of the job. You decide when you are ready to print, you decide who prints it for you, you even decide on the budget and can make clear, informed decisions based on it.

You’ll be fully involved in the print procurement process and can say “yes” or “no” to the things that matter. When another company is in control of the print procurement process, they can (and will) make a lot of the decisions for you. This isn’t best for you or your company and can often only be in the interests of the print management company providing the “service”.

Insourcing print empowers your employees to be in control of all of your printing requirements, and will actually save time and money. It’s no more work for an employee to be in control of the process than it is for an employee to seek out and evaluate a print management company, then pass on the requirements each and every time, only to have to evaluate or approve the costs on each occassion too.

Not using such a company will again save time – their lead time is not added to your own and to the printer’s lead time – and the cost is reduced by not needing to pay their management fee and/or mark up.

Perhaps you know the phrase “with great power comes great responsibility”, often attributed to Uncle Ben in the Spider-Man comics but equally applicable to print procurement. You have the responsibility to ensure that the power remains with your employees and isn’t given away freely.

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