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Procurement consultancy value v cost

We see the big picture – the true value over cost. Your business is too important.

At first glance, best value and best cost seem to mean the same thing. The best cost will be the lowest price, and surely the lowest price is the best value – right?

Well, no – not at all! The best value print is the one that gives you everything you need, on time, at the quality and in the quantity you wanted.

The best cost variation might do everything, but it arrives a week later. Sure, it’s cheaper, but they didn’t meet the deadline. Perhaps you wanted full-colour, and it arrived in monochrome. It was cheaper, but it certainly wasn’t value for money.

And so it goes with outsourcing your print management. A print management company may seem like good value, but the finished item that comes out the other side may not be quite what you wanted. It might arrive late. It might be half as many as you actually wanted.

You’ve also paid a fee to the company for them to look after the process for you – if you hadn’t paid that fee and had taken care of the print management yourself, how much better value would the deal have been?

Print insourcing savings can be spectacular. From start to end, you are fully in control, and you can work directly with the printer. There’s no middleman to mess it up, slow it down, or charge a fee. What there is, is clear communication between buyer and supplier, timescales that are not extended, and the opportunity to get exactly what you want but at a reduced cost.

This is the best value print you can possibly get, and it’s also likely to be the best cost too. However, to truly get the best value, you may need to make some investment into your infrastructure too.

You might need to purchase the right software to do the job efficiently, or you might need to change the way the departments in your business that require printed media communicate with your finance department.

Streamlining and optimising your processes and systems will naturally lead to the best value print possible as there will be no bottlenecks to hold things up, and no third-party companies trying to get their cut.

When you want the best value, best cost, and overall best printing, choosing to insource is the best solution all round. Print insourcing savings are made every step of the way, and you’ll always be in control.

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